Fall Registration

Lazers Recreation online registration is open through Monday, July 22nd, 2024.  

Tyrone: 14U Boys are currently being wait listed.  You can still register, but will not be accepted until we have enough for a second team.

Peachtree City: 4U - 5PM & 5:45PM are currently being wait listed.  4U - 6:30 PM is available.  All other ages are available.

Fees: 4U-8U: $150; 10U-19U: $215.     

Doesn't include a 3% credit card & $1 processing fee.  A $20 fee will be added to all non-residents which is passed onto the city.

Any registrations after July 22nd will include a $25 late fee.

Requests: No request is guaranteed.  Requests must be made by the registration deadline.

  • Lazers prioritize a "bad day of the week", if the training schedule allows it.  
  • Possibly a carpool with one other, not two.   
  • We can not take a player to looking to be on a certain team or with a certain coach.
  • Please email  info@lazers.soccer with your request.

Registration Questions?: Please e-mail Info@lazers.soccer


Dates of Importance

Dates of Importance

  • Contacted By Your Coach: Between August 12th - 14th
  • Game Schedules Released: By August 26th for 4U - 14U (TBD for 16U-19U from GA Soccer)
  • Uniform Purchase Deadline: By August 2nd
  • Start of Practices and Games:
    • 5U - 6U: 1st Practice and Game - August 23rd
    • 8U - 19U: Practices Start Week of August 19th and Games on August 24th

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we withdraw, can we get a refund?

AA player may withdraw from the season before the registration deadline.  Once the deadline has passed, there will be no refunds.

We can not offer a refund due to weather related situations .  There are extra training sessions built into the preseason, so we can get as many practices (training sessions) in as possible with the understanding, that we will be rained out some times.  This especially holds true for the spring season.

All processing and service fees are non-refundable.

Q: Uniform Pricing and Ordering

A: Uniform Ordering.  5U-19U Players need to order a black jersey, a white jersey, a pair of black shorts, a pair of white socks, and a pair of black socks.  Uniforms can be worn until the player doesn't fit into them anymore.

Q: Number of Regular Season Games and Start & End Dates

A: All teams will play 9-10 games a season.  Fall: The games willl start in late August and will conclude in early to mid-November.  Spring: The games will start the last weekend of February and end in early to mid-May.

QWhere, when and how long will my players train and play their games?

A5U – 6U: Training and games at PAC (PTC) and Handley Park (Tyrone) on Friday evenings.  30 minute training session immediately followed by a 30 minute game for a combined one hour total each week.  This will fall between the hours of 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

7U – 8U: Training and games at Braelinn (PTC) and Handley (Tyrone). Training day and time will depend on the volunteer coach.  One session a week for 60 minutes in length.  Games are predominantly on Saturdays and a few Sundays.

10U: Training and games at Glenloch or PAC (PTC) and Handley Park (Tyrone). Training days and times will depend on the coach.  Two sessions a week for 70 minutes in length.  Games are predominantly on Saturdays and a few Sundays.

12U: Training at PAC or Glenloch (PTC) and Handley Park (Tyrone). Days and times will be determined prior to the season.  Two sessions a week for 75 minutes in length.  Games are predominantly on Saturdays and a few Sundays.

14U - 19U: Training at PAC (PTC) and Handley Park (Tyrone). Days and times will be determined prior to the season.  Two sessions a week for 90 minutes in length.  Games are on Saturdays and Sundays.

QTraining/Practice Needs

A:  Kids should be drinking plenty of water.   To avoid your child from feeling or getting ill, please have them hydrate.  Game and practice days are not enough.

  • T-Shirts (No sleeveless shirts)
  • (4U-8U) Parents can watch on the opposite sideline from the kids.
  • (10U-19U) Parents can view from the parking lot.
  • Athletic Shorts
  • Soccer Boots/Cleats
  • Wear socks over the shin guards (Not folded over)
  • Bring a full water bottle
  • Bring a properly inflated ball (Size 1 for 4U-6U, Size 3 for 7U & 8U, Size 4 for 10U-12U, Size 5 for 14U-19U)

QHow do I know if the fields are open or closed?

AFields are updated by 3:00 PM each weekday, by 7:00 AM Saturday, and 11:00 AM Sunday at the field tab under the youth tab on the main page. 

Please register for our status updates instantly through text message and/or e-mail at www.statusme.com and register with "LSC/FCYSL/AFC". Please click here to get started.

QCan my child play up or down an age group?

AAll requests for play ups must be submitted when registering.  We will only move players based on merit.  

Players can not play down an age group.

QCan siblings play together?

AYes, as long as they qualify for the same age group and gender.

QAre the teams coed?

ATeams are coed at 4U in PTC and for 4U-8U in Tyrone. All other age groups are split into male and female divisions.

QWho will coach my son/daughters team?

A: 5U-8U: Professional coaches will lead the training sessions, and parent volunteer coaches will assist during training and manage the teams during the games.

10U-19U: Professionally licensed coaches will lead training sessions and almost all games.  Parent volunteer coaches will assist during training and games.

Lazers Soccer Club offers coaching classes before every season to help further educate all coaches, regardless of prior experience.

register now

register now

10U-19U Evaluations

Walk-Up Registration & Uniform Fitting

Walk-Up Registration

July 20th: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM at Kedron Fieldhouse - 202 Fieldhouse Drive in PTC

July 20th: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM at Handley Park - 100 Handley Road in Tyrone

New Player Checklist

New Players

  1. Complete registration
  2. Send birth certificate to Tara@lazers.soccer
  3. Order uniform
  4. Read Dates of Importance
  5. Sign up for Field Status texts/e-mail (Sign up under "LSC/FCYSL/AFC")

Age Group Chart

Age Group Conversion Chart

Age Group Conversion Chart